SD head coach “Kim Ha-seong, a big part of the team”

The trade speculation for Ha-Sung Kim (29, San Diego Padres) hasn’t died down since the start of spring training. reported on Thursday (June 14) that the Padres, who are looking to bolster their lineup, could trade Kim.

According to the report, Preller said the organization is “very active” in ongoing trade discussions with other clubs ahead of the start of the season. “We’re always going to be looking to add power and improve,” he said, adding that the roster could look different at the start of spring training than it does at the end.

At the center of San Diego’s trade speculation is Ha-seong Kim.

Kim, who signed a 4+1 year, $39 million contract with the Padres ahead of the 2021 season, is eligible for free agency after the 2024 season. 온라인카지노 He has a mutual option to stay with the team for the 2025 season, but it’s unlikely that he’ll exercise that option given his already significant increase in value.

San Diego could benefit greatly from using him as a trade chip.

“Coming off his best season in 2023, when he won the National League (NL) Gold Glove for utility, the infielder has generated significant trade interest this offseason,” noted.

The Padres haven’t ruled out a trade, but they recognize his value. “We think he’s a big part of the team,” Preller said of Kim. We need him in the middle of the diamond (second base and shortstop) to be good.”

San Diego would have to sign him to an extension to keep him around for much longer, but the club is coy about that.

“I’m not going to talk about it (the extension) in detail,” Preller said, “but we let him know that we value him. How everything plays out in the coming months will be decided between us, him, and his agent.”

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