Yoo Chang-hyuk Does not succeed Yoda Norimoto

Yoo Chang-hyuk does not succeed Yoda… Korea, Nongshim Baeksan Mugwan Invitational Winner

Shin Jin-seo’s ‘6-game winning streak’ wins together with Shin Ramyun Cup.

Korean senior professional drivers won the inaugural championship cup at the Nongshim Baeksan Cup.

Korea’s last runner, Yoo Chang-hyuk (57), 9th dan, was defeated by Japan’s last runner,

Yoda Norimoto (57, 9th dan) in 210 moves in the final round of the second round of the 1st Nongshim Baeksan Mugwan World Baduk Senior Tournament held in Shanghai, China on the 25th. 온라인카지노사이트

As a result, Korea beat Japan and China in the ‘Senior Baduk Three Kingdoms’ and rose to the top.

Yoo Chang-hyuk

On this day, Yoo Chang-hyuk maintained a tight balance until the middle of the match against Yoda.

However, when Yoda made an unreasonable move at the top,

he launched a lightning counterattack and won the game at once.

After that, Yoda made dozens more moves, but as the difference between the houses widened further,

he ended up throwing stones.

Baeksan Subae is a senior competition in which professional drivers born before 1969 participate.

Nongshim Shin Ramyun Cup

Korea’s first runner in this competition, 9-dan Seo Bong-su, lost to China’s 9-dan Liu Xiao-gwang,

but the second runner, 9-dan Choi Gyu-byeong,

beat Japan’s 9-dan Naoto Hikosaka and China’s 9-dan Cao Da-yuan in that order to secure two wins ignited the spark of

Next, 9-dan Cho Hoon-hyeon defeated China’s 9-dan Ma Xiaochun and added one win,

and 9-dan Yoo Chang-hyuk, who participated in the final round, confirmed the championship.

9th Dan Yoo said, “It was difficult in the beginning, but in the central battle,

9th Dan Yoda let loose and won, and after that, it was easy.

I was actually nervous because it was an important and big match for the first time in a long time,

but I am happy that there was a good result.” reported.

Korea enjoyed the joy of winning the Baeksan Cup following the Nongshim Shin Ramyun Cup,

where 9th dan Shin Jin-seo produced a miraculous ‘6-game winning streak’.

The winning prize for the Baeksan Mugwan Cup is 180 million won.

The time limit is 40 minutes for each person, with one countdown per minute.

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