A Richardson Wins 100m Gold Medal at World Championships

Breaks the competition record with 10.65 seconds
becoming the first American athlete to win a gold medal in 6 years since Tori Bowie in 2017

Shakari Richardson (23, USA) won the gold medal at the World Athletics Championships.

Richardson won the women’s 100m final at the Budapest 2023 World Championships held at the National Stadium in Budapest

Hungary on the 22nd (Korean time) with a new event record of 10 seconds 65.

 It is the first time in six years that an American athlete has won the women’s 100m world championship since Tori Bowie in London in 2017.

In this tournament, a total of 9 players advanced to the finals

including a tie for 8th place in the semifinals. 

At the time of the semifinals

she finished third in group 2 with a time of 10 seconds 84. Richardson competed in the final in lane 9 that day. Her start was rather slow, but with her unique explosive power

she showed her back. She overtook the competitors and arrived at the finish line first 바카라사이트닷컴 securing her victory.

Behind Richardson, Sherika Jackson (29) came second with 10.72 seconds, and Shelley Anne Fraser-Pryce (36, Jamaica)

who previously held the record (10.67) and won the world championship 100m 5 times, finished with 10.77 seconds. took third place with

In an interview with the Associated Press video service APTN after the game, Richardson said “I advise everyone not to give up, not to be fooled by the media, and not to be swayed by other people’s evaluations.” I give you the same advice,” he said.

Richardson’s feelings seem to have in mind the ‘marijuana controversy’ that erupted in June 2021.

 At the time, Richardson won the women’s 100m final at the U.S.

Track and Field Trials at the Tokyo Olympics with a time of 10.86, but a drug test detected marijuana in her and she was disqualified for one month just before the start of the event. 

In this regard, in the track and field world, there was a heated argument over his qualifications to participate in the Olympics, and the controversy subsided when Richardson admitted to taking marijuana and declared that he would give up participating in the Tokyo Olympics.

Richardson, who suffered sluggishness after his return, succeeded in rebounding that day.

A lot of people put our players into competition, but I was honored to play alongside Fraser-Price and Jackson. 

I am more than happy to win the game I played with them,” he said, expressing his aspirations.

My journey has just begun.

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