B-boying legend Kim Heon-woo ‘moves’ towards ‘breaking’ inaugural champion

Breaking is one of the more exotic sports at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. The combination of free-spirited hip-hop and sports that compete within strict rules may seem a bit odd. However, there are many aspects of breaking that make it a perfect match for sports.

Breaking is a type of hip-hop dance that originated in New York City in the 1970s and was commonly referred to as “b-boying” in Korea. It has been referred to by various names, including “breakdance,” but was officially named breaking when it was selected as an official sport for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Breaking is characterized by a “battle culture. Dancers take turns dancing to a song played by a DJ, and judges use their own evaluation factors to determine winners and losers. It’s very similar to how sports competitions work, just with different terminology.

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Korean breaking team is making a last-ditch effort to become the inaugural champions. Kim Heon-woo, 36, a former member of the world-class b-boy team Jinjo Crew, is a strong favorite to win the men’s individual event.

He is considered a Korean breaking legend, having swept international breaking competitions under the name Wing and maintained his top-level form for many years.

The scoring system for breaking is similar to that of figure skating and gymnastics. It looks for technical perfection, as well as creativity and originality in the athlete’s movements. Breaking consists of four basic elements: top lock, down lock, and freeze, including a power move, which is a centrifugal spin like a windmill.

Taking it a step further, Kim performs his signature “Wingmill”. Like Yeo Hong-cheol, who won a silver medal on the men’s vault at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Kim is a top-level athlete who has a skill named after him. The wing mill is a variation on the traditional windmill, and it involves a lot of crouching and spinning.

With two gold medals up for grabs in the men’s and women’s individual events, Breaking will begin next month with a group stage on June 6, followed by a tournament-style main event the following day to determine the winners. In the b-boy category, Kim 토토사이트 Hong-yeol will be joined by Kim Heon-woo in the hunt for gold, and will be competing with Japan’s Shigekix for the title. In the B-girl category, Jeon Jeonye and Kwon Sunghee will be looking to win gold.

“I’ve been promoting Korea in our world, and now that I’m going to the Asian Games as a sport, I have a greater sense of mission,” Kim said at the Asian Games D-30 media day on March 24. “As a sportsperson, I will do my best to perform well at the Asian Games.”

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