‘Before ML’ KBO League Confirms World’s First Robot Umpire

The KBO will be the first league in the world to introduce robotic umpires in the 2024 season.

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) announced on the 11th that it held its first board meeting in 2024 and finalized the application of the ABS (Automatic Pitch Judgment System) for this season, and also confirmed the sequential introduction and application timing considering the importance and urgency of major systems such as the pitch clock and base size expansion. In addition, 카지노사이트 we have revised the rules related to multi-year contracts for non-free agents.”

Confirming the timing of various systems for the KBO League and Futures League in the 2024 season

The pitch clock operation, which is being introduced to speed up the game, will be applied to the Futures League from the first half of the season, and the KBO League will decide whether to apply it from the second half after a trial run in the first half.

The KBO explained, “This is a measure to give players enough time to adapt to the pitch clock in actual games to minimize confusion and ensure smooth play when the system is introduced.”

Accordingly, the organization plans to complete the installation of the relevant equipment at each stadium in February and prepare for it by training timekeepers.

The base size expansion will be implemented in the first half of the season for both the KBO League and the Futures League, and new bases will be installed in each stadium in February. This is expected to reduce the incidence of player injuries and increase stolen base attempts, resulting in more exciting play.

Limiting defensive shifts will also be applied to the KBO and Futures League from the first half of the season to encourage more aggressive play and strengthen defensive capabilities.

The pitcher-facing-three-batter system will initially be applied only to the Futures League, and based on the results of the pilot, we will decide whether to introduce it to the KBO League in the future.

Extra innings, which has been implemented in the Futures League since 2022, will also be re-discussed in the KBO based on feedback from the field.

The KBO explained, “We made this decision in consideration of the urgency of each system due to the rapid changes in the system this season.”

New Rules for Non-FA Multi-Year Contract Players

A new rule was also created to clarify the status of players with multi-year contracts.

It was revised to prohibit players on multi-year contracts from obtaining free agency status during the contract period and to authorize free agency status only for players whose contracts are scheduled to end in the current year.

Clubs can apply for approval of a multi-year contract for a non-FA player at any time, and must submit the contract to the KBO by the day after the announcement, and the KBO will publish the contract on the day after it is received. 온라인카지노사이트 If a team fails to submit a contract within the deadline, it will be subject to Article 176 [Discipline] and will be considered an act of disrupting the order of the contract, and the penalty committee will consider sanctions.

Adding the Korean Series MVP to the list of eligible items for merit pay

We have also added a rule to restrict the payment of merit outside the scope of the current rules, prohibiting managers from paying bonuses to players with their own money or personal expenses.

However, the amendment allows clubs to award the Korean Series MVP separately if they submit an operating plan to the KBO before the season and receive approval.

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