Brazil national football team Pedro was assaulted by his team’s coach

Putting together Pedru’s post on social media (SNS) and Minas Gerais state police’s announcement, Fernandez hit Pedru’s cheek three times in the locker room and punched him in the mouth after a regular league away match (2-1 win) against Atletico Minero the previous day.

Pedro immediately filed a complaint with the police against Fernandez for assault.

Pedro is the best star on the team and this is not the first time Fernandez has beaten him in the soccer world, so the aftermath of the assault is likely to not stop at firing one Fernandez.

Fernandez was also suspended for punching a spectator in a match against Nice in August 2021 when he worked for Olympique Marseille (France) as a member of the “Sampaoli Division.”

“I had a problem with Sampaoli’s coaching staff,” Pedru wrote on social media, adding, “I hope God will forgive anyone who believes that physical assault can solve the problem even though it is 2023.”

Fernandez issued a statement and said, “I’m angry that I committed the assault. “I want to resolve the situation as soon as possible,” he admitted his mistake.

Sampaoli also issued a statement saying, “The only solution to the crisis is to talk.”

Sampaoli, who is from Argentina, is a mastermind who led Chile, Argentina’s national team, and Sevilla (Spain). He was appointed as Flamengoo’s coach in April.


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