Choo Shin-soo will continue his career in the SSG Landers

Choo Shin-soo will continue his career in the SSG Landers uniform next year, but the new coach and the club are cautiously awaiting his decision.

Recently, Lee revealed that he offered Shin-soo the position of captain. He believes that Choo is still the player the team needs. Born in 1982, Choo will be 42 years old next year. However, he still has good initiative. Most importantly, his players follow him.

At his inauguration ceremony in Songdo, Incheon, last month, Lee emphasized the remodeling, saying, “I played until I was 41. I will respect the veterans as much as possible and give them responsibility. For veteran players, we will think about how to manage their physical fitness.”

If Choo Shin-soo decides to extend his career, he could lead the team as SSG captain next year. 먹튀검증 The younger players have learned a lot from Shin-Soo Choo’s success in the American Major League Baseball.

His words and actions have had a huge impact on the team.

The team’s trainer said, “He works out a lot. He sets an example. I think it’s a factor in his longevity, and it’s also a reason why the younger players follow him to learn a lot.”

Shin-Soo Choo is torn. He played three years of baseball in South Korea after retiring from the major leagues. In three seasons in the KBO, he batted .391 with 49 home runs and 168 RBIs, with a .428 on-base percentage and 239 strikeouts. He led the offense as the number one hitter in the SSG.

Next year, he may not be able to produce as much. The leadoff duties could be handed over to another junior. However, the club and Lee still believe that Choo Shin-soo is the player they need. With all the changes in the organization, he’s the one who keeps the players focused on baseball.

“If I get a hit, there will be a situation where I can normally get from second base to home plate. But when that becomes difficult, I’ll think about retirement.” He once said, “I’ll think about retirement. He doesn’t think that time is here yet.

He also gave a lot of money during his time at SSG.

Although he earned a large salary, he also donated more than anyone else. On the 8th of last month, he donated a total of KRW 103.9 million through the ‘Happy Landing Campaign’ donation ceremony held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon.

Starting with the ‘Dream Landing’ project to improve the educational environment of baseball dreamers and underprivileged children in 2021, last year’s ‘Hope Landing’ campaign to support vulnerable soldiers and out-of-school youth in Incheon, and this season’s ‘Happy Landing’ campaign to help families of fallen police and firefighters and low-income single-parent families, Choo participated in social contribution activities for the third year.

He has continued to do good deeds on and off the field, including donating a total of KRW 1.259 billion to local underprivileged people through the donation program for the third year in a row, sponsoring a paraplegic UFC fighter’s rehabilitation for five years, and sharing generously with local baseball dreamers in Incheon and his alma mater in Busan.

Choo’s influence is still felt on and off the field. Lee wants to give him the captaincy, the most responsible position in the team. With the example he’s set for the team, 토토사이트 he’s in good hands. It’ll be interesting to see when he decides to take the reins.

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