Jamboree is in limbo…FA Cup on the 9th, but will be held the week before as scheduled.

The 2023 Saemangeum World Scouting Jamboree is in limbo, and soccer is adding to the chaos.

The government and the jamboree organizers are at loggerheads over the jamboree’s venue, which means it’s unclear whether Jeonbuk Hyundai and Incheon United will be able to host the semifinal match of the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup on Sept. 9 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium.

Earlier, the government changed the date and venue of the jamboree’s K-pop concert from Saemangeum Campground on June 6 to Jeonju World Cup Stadium on June 11.

On July 7, the Korean Football Association sent a letter to Jeonbuk and Incheon to postpone their FA Cup matches on July 9.

Jeonbuk, whose home stadium, Jeonju World Cup Stadium, was unavailable, informed fans that it would postpone the FA Cup quarterfinals on Sept. 9 and the K League 1 match against Suwon Samsung on Sept. 12.

However, as Typhoon Kanun was predicted to make landfall, the government decided to move the jamboree participants to the Seoul metropolitan area, and as a result, the K-pop concert will be held at Seoul World Cup Stadium instead of Jeonju World Cup Stadium.

If the concert is held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, Jeonbuk will be able to play its two home games as scheduled.

But it’s not that simple. Their opponents, Incheon, returned to their accommodation in Incheon from Jeonju that afternoon after receiving a letter from the FA Cup postponing the FA Cup quarterfinals.

Incheon was surprised to learn of the Jamboree participants’ move to the Seoul metropolitan area.

Due to the sudden move, Incheon will have to 토토 pay all of the cancellation penalties, including accommodation.

If the FA Cup semifinals are rescheduled in Jeonju, they will have to travel to Jeonju again and play nine days of matches.

Incheon plans to protest if the federation reverses the schedule again.

Meanwhile, the KFA will take further action once an official announcement is made regarding the venue for the K-pop concert.

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