파이팅 외치는 장애인체육인들

“Let’s go! To the Paris Paralympics!” Athletes from the Para national team preparing for the Paris 2024 Summer Paralympic Games pledged their commitment at the ‘2024 National Training Opening Ceremony’ held at the Icheon Athletes’ Village of the Korea Para Sports Federation in Gyeonggi Province on Friday. Para taekwondo athlete Joo Jeong-hoon and badminton player Kwon Hyun-ah announced their pledges on behalf of the athletes, saying, “We will devote ourselves to training to the best of our abilities.”

“This year, we will focus on supporting outstanding athletes based on an expanded budget,” said Jeong Jin-wan, president of the Korean Para Sports Federation, “and we will communicate with them with an open mind so that their sweat and hard work can bear fruit.” “We will create a stable training environment to boost the morale of the national team and actively provide scientific support close to the field,” said Jang Jang-ran, vice minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

More than 200 athletes, coaches, and sponsors attended the opening ceremony. The Para team will compete at the 2023 Winter Deflimpic Games in Turkiye in March, followed by the Paris Paralympic Games in August .In October, the 2023 Asia-Pacific Deaflympic Games will be held in Tehran, Iran. On the same day, the Korean Paralympic Committee also announced the ‘Intensive Support Project for Excellent Athletes in 2024’.The organization will select 20 outstanding athletes from five sports (boccia, badminton, shooting, table tennis, and taekwondo) who have a high chance of winning medals at the Paris Paralympic Games to receive customized training and intensive support in sports medicine.

In addition, we will help athletes improve their performance through overseas pre-paralympic camps in preparation for the Paris Paralympic Games .In addition, five power analysts will be assigned to the top athletes’ sports to help them develop game strategies .Special training will be provided for deaf athletes competing in the Winter Deaflympic Games and the Asia-Pacific Deaflympic Games Last year, the Korean Paralympic Committee introduced the Intensive Support Project for High Performance Athletes, and 43 of the 54 athletes from the project 온라인카지노 who competed at the Hangzhou Para Asian Games were successful in winning medals.

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