NewJeans sells out Tokyo Dome fan meet event despite HYBE-Ador conflict

NewJeans sold out all seats for its Tokyo Dome fan meet in Japan. Courtesy of ADOR

The girl group NewJeans has demonstrated its formidable ticket-selling power by selling out all the seats for its upcoming fan meet at the Tokyo Dome despite ongoing conflicts between its management company, Ador, and HYBE, Ador’s parent company.This event, titled “Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome,” will take place on May 26 and 27, marking NewJeans’ appearance at the Tokyo Dome just 23 months after its debut — the fastest for any foreign artist. This feat is especially notable as the group has not yet officially launched activities in Japan.NewJeans’ reputation in Japan was previously established through its performances at major concerts and festivals, including last August’s Summer Sonic Festival, where its performance at Marine Stadium was so popular that entry had to be restricted — a first in the festival’s history.The group was also invited to Japan’s prestigious end-of-year television special Kohaku Uta Gassen on NHK last year and sang three songs at the Japan Record Awards, an exceptional honor for a foreign artist yet to debut officially in Japan.

NewJeans will release its Japan debut single “Supernatural” on June 21, which includes the title track and other songs like “Right Now.”The title track, “Supernatural,” features global pop star Pharrell Williams in its credits. It incorporates iconic ad-libbing from Pharrell’s 2009 collaboration with Japanese singer Manami in the song “Back of My Mind.”Additionally, its track “Right Now” garnered attention when it was partially released on Thursday as part of a commercial for Lotte ZERO.At its Tokyo Dome fan meet, NewJeans will perform 24 songs, including four new tracks to be released in May and June.The event will also feature special guests from the Japanese music scene, including the mixed-gender duo Yoasobi and singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama.Further boosting its anticipated debut activities in Japan, NewJeans has collaborated with cultural icons like Takashi Murakami and Hiroshi Fujiwara.Additionally, its large-scale promotional photo has been displayed at Shibuya 109, a shopping mall in Tokyo, and a pop-up store has been opened, creating a high level of excitement and 슬롯놀이터 anticipation for their official activities in Japan.

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