Park Jae-yeon and Lee Seo-won Win 5 Gold Medals

Two winners of 5 gold medals in cross country at the Winter Sports Games… Park Jae-yeon and Lee Seo-won

Two people won five gold medals in the skiing event at the 105th National Winter Sports Games.

Park Jae-yeon (Daegwallyeong Elementary School Grade 5),

who participated in the cross-country men’s 12 and under sprint 700m competition

held at the Alpensia Cross-Country Center in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do on the 25th,

won a gold medal, becoming the fifth gold medalist in this competition. 카지노사이트킹

Jaeyeon Park won the classic 3km, free 4km, combined, and relay 8km races at this competition.

Park Jae-yeon

In particular, he won the classic 3 km with a time of 11 minutes 02.5 seconds, and was an overwhelming first place,

with the second place finishing at 11 minutes 53.4 seconds, more than 50 seconds apart.

He comfortably won the gold medal in the 4km free,

with a gap of more than 20 seconds over second place.

Jaeyeon Park is also a member of the ‘ski family.’

Park Byeong-woo, the father, is the executive director of the Gangwon-do Ski Association, and Park Byeong-cheol,

a former national cross-country team member in the 1990s, is Park Jae-yeon’s uncle.

Cross-Country Athlete

Park Byeong-cheol won a bronze medal in the men’s 10 km cross-country race at the 1996 Asian Winter Games,

and was a leading domestic cross-country athlete who was selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 1996 and 1997 at the Winter Games.

Lee Seo-won (Jinbu Middle School 3rd year), who participated in the cross-country men’s under-15 division,

also won five gold medals by winning the classic 5km, 10km free, combined, 20km relay, and 1.2km sprint.

In this competition, as of the afternoon of the 25th, Park Jae-yeon and Lee Seo-won won 5 gold medals,

and the 4 gold medalists were biathlete Yoo Hyeon-min (Grade 3, Ildong Middle School),

speed skating Jeong Ye-jin (Sanmaru Elementary School 6),

Jin Young-jin (Hanyang University College of Education Middle School 3), and skiing alpine.

Six people came out, including Kim So-hee (High 1), Lee Ji-min (Wonchon Elementary School 6), and cross country Jo Da-eun (Hwasun Jeil Middle School 2).

Recently, the MVPs of the Winter Sports Games were swept by ice skaters for three consecutive times, and in 2019, Biathlon’s Choi Yoon-ah became the MVP.

The most recent Winter Sports MVP from the ski event was Lee Chae-won (cross-country) in 2015, nine years ago.

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