프리스타일 스키 슬로프스타일에 출전한 이서준

South Korean athletes added one gold and two silver medals on the second day of the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games 2024 (Gangwon 2024), which kicked off on March 19 and began the medal race in earnest on March 20. Snowboarding standout Lee Chae-woon (Surigo) took the podium on Friday with 96 points in the men’s slopestyle final at Welly Healy Park Ski Resort in Hwaseong, Gangwon Province .Lee is the third gold medalist for the Gangwon 2024 team after Joo Jae-hee (Han AD) in the men’s short track (1,500 meters) and Jae-hwan Jae-hwan (Sangji Kwan-go) in the men’s monobob (one-seater) bobsled.2002 The youngest South Korean athlete to compete at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Lee won the men’s halfpipe at the International Ski Federation (FIS) World Championships in March last year, becoming the youngest athlete in history (16 years, 10 months) to win a gold medal, marking Korea’s first-ever world championship appearance in skiing and snowboarding. Snowboard slopestyle is a discipline in which riders navigate a course composed of a variety of rails, boxes, waves and jumps, including big airs, and are scored and ranked based on height, turns, technique and difficulty.

Lee will compete in the big air on Jan. 28 and the halfpipe, her main event, on Feb. 1 to try to win the triple crown. Lee’s teammate Lee Dong-heon (Siheung Maehwa Go) finished 23rd in qualifying and did not make the final. The women’s ice hockey team lost 2-10 (0-2 1-5 1-3) to Hungary in the best-of-three tournament final at the Gangneung 2024 Games at the Gangneung Hockey Center, but gave South Korean ice hockey history its first Olympic silver medal. The Koreans, who were outshot 0-16 by Hungary in the preliminary round, rattled the opposition net twice on the day, while limiting their own .After conceding two goals in the first period, the Koreans pulled one back in the second period when they were down 0-3 on a man-advantage power play, thanks to a powerful shot from captain Park Joo-yeon (Bong Eun-joong), but then conceded four more goals and faltered dramatically .The Koreans bounced back in the third period with a stunning goal from Shim Seo-hee (Shin Cheon-joong) off a pass from Han Yuan (Hakia Academy, Ontario).Hungary went undefeated at Gangwon 2024, scoring double-digit goals in all nine games, including the qualifiers, semifinals, and final.

In particular, they ruthlessly dominated Korea, Mexico (17-0), Turkiye (18-0), Australia (22-1), and the Netherlands (33-0) in the preliminary round, before showing off their firepower in the semifinals (14-4) and final against Italy .Speedskating hopefuls Heo Seok (Uijeongbu High School) and Lim Ri-won (Uijeongbu Girls High School) shared the silver medal in the mixed relay. The pair finished second behind China (3:11.78) in the final of the mixed relay at the Gangneung Speedskating Center with a time of 3:11.74. Heo Suk pulled away on the final lap, narrowly missing out to China by 0.04 seconds. China turned the tables in the semifinals, finishing third behind the Netherlands and South Korea to earn a spot in the four-team final. The ice mixed relay made its debut at the Games, with one male and one female athlete per country competing in a 슬롯게이밍 total of six laps. Translated with (free version)

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