Star-studded sci-fi, thrillers to hit local theaters in June

From left, posters for the film “Wonderland,' “Drive,' and 'Inside Out 2' / Courtesy of  Ace Maker Movie Works, Merry Christmas and Walt Disney Company Korea

Local theaters are gearing up to showcase a diverse range of films ranging from sci-fi to thriller genres, including the highly anticipated ensemble film “Wonderland.”Led by director Kim Tae-yong, who previously helmed romance films “All for Love” (2005) and “Late Autumn” (2010), “Wonderland” is finally getting its release after a long COVID-induced delay.The upcoming sci-fi drama film, slated to premiere June 5, will follow a group of people using a video chat service called Wonderland, which virtually recreates a deceased person through artificial intelligence. A young woman (Bae Suzy) requests the service to reunite with her boyfriend (Park Bo-gum) who fell into a coma and a deceased mother (Tang Wei) uses the service to hide her death from her young daughter, communicating with them through video calls.

Actors Choi Woo-shik and Jung Yu-mi will play the planners of the service and Gong Yoo will make a guest appearance as the husband of Tang’s character.Two thriller crime films, “Hijack 1971” and “Drive,” are also set for release next month.Helmed by filmmaker Kim Sung-han, who was the assistant director of “Ashfall” (2019), “Hijack 1971” revolves around a former Air Force fighter pilot, Tae-in, who is now working as a co-pilot of a private airline.What’s supposed to be an easy domestic flight bound to Gimpo from Sokcho turns into a nightmare when one of the passengers, Yong-dae (Yeo Jin-goo), hijacks the plane after a bomb goes off and demands to to change the flight’s route to North Korea. With the captain (Sung Dong-il) losing eyesight from the bombing, Tae-in takes over the flight, fighting to save the lives of the passengers.The film is inspired by a real-life incident from 1971, where a South Korean man in his 20s hijacked a plane in an attempt to cross 카지노사이트킹 the border into North Korea.

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