Taekwondo experts from around the world gather in Chuncheon this summer International competitions held one after another

Taekwondo practitioners from around the world will gather in Chuncheon, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province this summer.Chuncheon City announced on the 14th that it will hold three competitions from July to October, including the Korea Open International Taekwondo Competition, World Taekwondo Culture Festival, and World Taekwondo Junior Championships. The Korea Open International Taekwondo Championship will be held from July 10th to 14th.The competition has been held in Chuncheon since 2000, and about 3,000 people from 60 countries are expected to participate this year as well.n addition to official competitions such as sparring, poomsae, and fighting, side events such as Taekwondo demonstration team performances and citizen experience events will be held.The World Taekwondo Culture Festival will be held from July 13 to 18, similar to the Korea Open.This event was held for the first time last year, and three World Taekwondo competitions approved by the World Taekwondo Federation (WT) will also be held during the festival.

The World Taekwondo Junior Championships will be held from September 30 to October 6 with over 2,000 athletes from 150 countries participating.This competition is a competition (G7 grade) where 70 ranking points are awarded for Olympic participation, and the world’s best junior national team players participate.The city expects that this will be a good opportunity to promote Chuncheon as a taekwondo city, as most of the 1,960 athletes out of the 2,000 athletes are foreign athletes.An official from Chuncheon City said on the 14th, “In order to successfully host the World Taekwondo Championships, we will make thorough preparations in all areas, including accommodation, transportation, and tourism, to inform not only the participants but also 스포츠토토존 the world that Chuncheon is a central city of Taekwondo.”


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