The K League’s boom requires more aggressive play

Looking at the 2024 K-League, I would like to order a more aggressive game. The atmosphere is more intense this year, with a lot of fans coming to the stadium, especially since the size of the away fans has increased considerably.

However, I do have one regret. There are a lot of so-called “theater goals” that keep you on your toes until the last minute of the game, but in the first half, the game is loose. Of course, both teams have a lot of physical strength and if they concede first, it will be a difficult game, so I think they have to be cautious.

But my opinion is different.

You can’t play the whole first and second half with no physical pressure, 안전카지노사이트 but I think it’s better to distribute it over the course of the match and control the physicality so that you can make the game more interesting and create goals. We are not creating many chances in the first half because we are too cautious and spend a lot of time on the ball in defense. I think we score significantly less goals in the first half compared to the second half.

We have five substitutes this year, so we have to use them well to control the game.

Having the ability to make substitutions shows the quality of the coach. You have the opportunity to use your judgment throughout the game, and if you use it well, you have the opportunity to control the game.

Take the European Champions League semifinals for example. Bayern Munich, of which Kim Min-jae is a member, was winning 1-0 against Real Madrid, and Thomas Tuchel decided to bring on the defender in place of Harry Kane as a way to protect his side. The Bavarians then switched to a three at the back and played a more defensive game, but Real pushed forward and scored two goals in the final minutes to come from behind.

Another example is the match between Chinese club Shanghai and Jeonbuk Hyundai in the Asian Champions League. They faced each other at home after losing 0-1 away from home. Jeonbuk needed to win by two goals, so they played aggressively, while Shanghai played a typical counter-attacking game where they tried to defend and then attack.

After Jeonbuk conceded first and the deficit grew to three goals, Shanghai’s coach tried to play a consolidation game, where they took off their strikers and replaced them with defenders, while Jeonbuk replaced their defenders with attackers. Shanghai’s offense was hampered by the fact that they had switched resources that could counterattack even if the ball was taken away from their defense, while Jeonbuk’s offense was able to do so, allowing them to score three goals and win the game 3-1.

These are just two examples, but in many matches, a split-second decision by a manager can turn a favorable match into an unfavorable one. To make K League matches more interesting, teams need to play attack-oriented soccer by utilizing their attacking resources to the fullest.

Instead of playing defense just because you’re winning the game, it would be better to try a tactic where you play more offense and substitute the strikers who have more energy to press in the attacking third.

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