Coach Yoon Deok-yeo, We Won the Spanish Women’s Soccer Championship

Coach Yoon Deok-yeo “We won the Spanish women’s soccer championship after defeating it 8 years ago… The association must step forward.”

“The agenda for the development of women’s soccer has all been put out…

Let’s see if the actual environment changes.”

He pointed out the recent development of European teams… “The women’s team is operated using the know-how of the men’s team.”

“What’s important is the association’s will, its will. 바카라사이트

Wasn’t President Chung Mong-gyu’s first intention after taking office to foster women’s soccer?”

Deok-yeo Yoon, coach of Sejong Sports Toto of the women’s professional soccer WK League, remembers the inauguration speech of Chung Mong-gyu,

president of the Korea Football Association, about two years and seven months ago.

Chairman Chung

Chairman Chung, who succeeded in his third term,

first expressed his ambition to foster women’s soccer in his inauguration speech on January 27, 2021.

At the time, Chairman Chung said, “Women’s soccer has recently been a hot topic in the world of soccer,

including the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA),” and added,

“We will create a virtuous cycle in which the expansion of women’s participation in soccer leads to diversification of the soccer industry and an increase in the registered population.”

Deok-yeo Yoon

Having led the women’s national team as part of the association for eight years since 2012,

Coach Yoon knows that the working-level team is working hard.

But that is not enough.

Contrary to her president’s aspirations, in Director Yoon’s eyes, the association does not seem to be putting its ‘full effort’ into the organization.

Coach Yoon pointed out, “The association also has a department in charge of women’s soccer, but if you’re going to do it, you have to promote it properly.

It’s not a problem that can be solved with just one or two people working hard within it.”

World Cup

He continued, “After major competitions such as the World Cup,

the association always holds a conference and brings together leaders and experts from various fields to talk about many things.

How many of those stories have been implemented now?”

He added, “They say there is will, but it is important that it is expressed.

What’s the point of just holding a seminar?

A good agenda is already out there.

We need to see whether the environment improves as it is reflected little by little.”

Coach Yoon’s raising his voice is related to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The winning team of the competition, which ended on the 20th of last month, was Spain.

Spain, which enjoyed the thrill of winning its first-ever title, had its final stage in the round of 16 at the World Cup in France four years ago.

Canadian Tournament

At the 2015 Canadian tournament, they were eliminated in the group stage.

The team that defeated Spain at that time was the Korean national team led by Coach Yoon.

Spain, who lost 2-1 to Yoon Deok-Yeo in the final match of the group stage,

finished at the bottom of the group, and Korea advanced to the round of 16 for the first time.

Coach Yoon, who watched Spain win the championship eight years later, has mixed feelings.

Coach Yoon reflected, “At that time, Spain was not a great team in Europe.

But after that tournament, the growth of Europe, including Spain, accelerated,” and “After experiencing the 2019 World Cup, everything was different from before.” .

Deok-Yeo Yoon packed his bags early in 2019, suffering consecutive losses to France, Nigeria, and Norway.

Director Yoon said, “Something has happened in Europe over the past four years.

Women’s Soccer

“In many places, the know-how of men’s teams has been applied to women’s soccer,” he said.

“Suwon FC is the only place where a men’s professional team runs a women’s team together.”

He continued, “I know that men’s teams are also finding it difficult.

“In this situation, the association must also present a policy blueprint or alternative,” he emphasized.

In fact, women’s teams run by prestigious men’s teams such as FC Barcelona,

​​Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid have led the recent rapid growth of women’s soccer in Spain.

UEFA Women’s Champions League

In particular, Barcelona has been reborn as the undisputed powerhouse for several years,

including winning the UEFA Women’s Champions League in the 2020-2021 and 2022-2023 seasons.

The regular league record for the 3rd season is 91 wins, 1 draw, and 2 losses.

Barcelona’s rise led to the strengthening of the national team.

Nine of the 23 players in this World Cup were members of this team, including Golden Ball and Young Player Award winners Aitana Bonmatti and Salma Parajuelo.


Coach Yoon, who previously participated in two World Cups as a commander, visited Australia where the national team students were struggling this time with a light heart.

Its Coach Yoon, who watched the first and second Group H matches against Colombia and Morocco, said he felt the growing power of women’s soccer.

Coach Yoon said, “As the size of the team grew to 32, the number of games increased, but the average audience was over 30,000.

Interest and passion were shown from all over the world.”

He added, “This time, the female players are not 100%, but they are close to the male players.”

“I showed the play.

I think the fans were excited after seeing that,” he said.

He added, “When I went to the stands, I was able to see the national team from an objective perspective.

It was different from watching the ground anxiously from the bench.

Colin Bell

I could see each of the players’ movements clearly, and I could feel better what their feelings were.”

In addition, Coach Yoon also expressed regret over the ‘problematic press conference’ in which his successor, coach Colin Bell, who leads the national team, made strong criticisms of the WK League.

Coach Bell criticized the low competitiveness of the WK League immediately

after the second match in Group H against Morocco and advocated a ‘comprehensive reform’ of the Korean women’s soccer structure.

WK League

Coach Yoon said he hoped the head coach would show more responsibility in a situation

where the team’s hopes of advancing to the round of 16 are fading due to two consecutive losses.

Coach Yoon said, “There would have been a chance to mention the structural issues later,” and added, “A coach speaks by results. The first thing to do is to express regret for the loss.”

He continued, “Also, players need to be protected first, but I don’t think this is a cultural difference.

I think it’s a virtue of all leaders in the world,” and reflected, “Regarding the system, I ran into more walls while playing the two World Cups.”

However, Coach Yoon, like Coach Bell, diagnosed that it is time for Korea to show ‘higher level soccer’ on the field.

Soccer Sport

Coach Yoon said, “Now is the time when soccer itself has the ability to predict and reduce mistakes the most important,” adding, “Even if the ball is taken from the front, if you use accurate prediction and press down the opponent before he can advance 5 meters,

the players at the back can run less.

“It works,” he explained.

He continued, “In order to do that, instantaneous explosive power and judgment to keep up with the opponent’s movements are important.

Victory or Defeat

That will determine victory or defeat,” and added, “Leaders must study deeply how to enable players to have such abilities.”

Coach Yoon said that his recently established soccer philosophy is not completely the same as Coach Bell’s ‘high intensity’ slogan, which requires exercising athletic ability without loss under physical load.

Coach Yoon went on to say that he did not want to be seen as supporting Coach Bell’s high-intensity theory,

but pointed out that the ‘difference in intensity of play’ between Korea and the strong teams is a reality that must be acknowledged.

National Team

Coach Yoon said, “I looked at the data of the U.S. national team through a physical coach.

If you look at the activity level, it was similar, but the difference in speed change in high-intensity situations was clear.

This affects offense and defense transitions, cross timing, reaction speed, etc.”

He added, “We also have to follow the trend of the women’s soccer world around the world,” adding, “Shouldn’t we get closer to the top teams little by little with the idea of ​​continuing to compete?”

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