Its Djokovic, ‘New to the Bathroom’, Wins Against Jere in Full Set

Djokovic, ‘new to the bathroom’, wins against Jere in full set… US Open Round of 16

The possibility of a ‘new and old emperor meeting in the finals’ is increasing…

Alcaras cruises tomorrow in the 3rd round of women’s singles, Civil Tech and Gough… ‘Mom’s sensation’ Wozniacki also advances to the round of 16

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic (2nd place, Serbia), who is trying to win his 24th major tennis tournament, 먹튀검증가이드 achieved a thrilling comeback victory over his country’s junior and advanced to the round of 16 of the US Open (total prize money of $65 million, approximately 85.76 billion won).

Djokovic defeated Laszlo Zere (38th) in the third round of the men’s singles on the fifth day of the tournament held in New York on the 1st (local time), 3-2 (4-6 4-6 6-1 6-1) after a match of 3 hours and 45 minutes. won 6-3).

Laszlo Zere

Djokovic, who gave up the first two sets, took a ‘bathroom timeout’ ahead of the third set, as he always did when he was behind in the game.

After that, the trend changed drastically.

With a 1-0 lead in the third set, Djokovic won Djere’s serve game after a last-minute rally.

Djokovic, who scored the first break point after much difficulty, never gave up the momentum after that.

Shaken, Zere missed an easy shot and committed suicide.

The game started late at night local time and ended around 1:30 a.m., well past midnight.

Djokovic, who had finished the previous two games with no loss sets, won a 5-set match for the first time in this tournament.

Borna Gozo

Djokovic’s next opponent is Borna Gozo (105th, Croatia), who defeated Iri Veseli (437th, Czech Republic) 3-0 (6-4 6-4 6-2).

This is the first time Djokovic and Gozo have faced each other.

Carlos Alcaraz (No. 1, Spain), who is expected to face Djokovic in the final in a ‘match between new and old emperors’, will challenge to advance to the round of 16 against Daniel Evans (No. 28, England) the next day.

Ben Shelton

Ben Shelton (47th), a 20-year-old American rookie, defeated Aslan Karatsev (77th) 3-1 (6-4 3-6 6-2 6-0) and advanced to the round of 16.

When she turned pro, Shelton was eliminated in the first round.

Shelton’s best performance in a major tournament is the quarterfinals of this year’s Australian Open.

With American John Isner, considered the best strong server of all time, retiring the previous day, Shelton won by hitting a serve at 237 km/h, the fastest of the tournament, and recording 26 serve aces.

Shelton said after the game, “I think I hit the most aces in a game, but it’s a little strange because it’s the day after Isner’s last game.

I think he probably saved a magic serve for me.

Thank you to Isner.”

Tommy Paul

Shelton’s next opponent is Tommy Paul (14th, USA), who defeated Alejandro Davidovic Fochina (21st, Spain) 3-1 (6-1 6-0 3-6 6-3).

Paul was the main character who lost to Shelton in the quarterfinals of this year’s Australian Open.

This is the only confrontation between the two.

In the women’s singles, Iga Sibiontech (1st place, Poland), the top contender for the championship, defeated Kaza Juban (145th place, Serbia) 2-0 (6-0 6-1) and advanced to the round of 16.

Civil Tech continued its streak of zero sets.

She saved her stamina by completing the first round (58 minutes) and this third round (49 minutes) in under an hour.

Sibiong Tech

Sibion ​​Tech’s next opponent is 2017 French Open winner Jelena Ostapenko (21st, Latvia).

Her recent performance is ahead of Sibiong Tech, but in head-to-head matches, Osta Penko dominates with three wins.

However, she has never competed in a major tournament.

Coco Goff

Coco Goff (6th place, USA), who won the Cincinnati Open, the Women’s Professional Tennis (WTA) 1000 series tournament held just before, was highly anticipated by home fans, lost 2-1 (2-1) to Elyser Mertens (32nd place, Belgium). 3-6 6-3 6-0)

They achieved a comeback victory and advanced to the round of 16.

Goff’s next opponent is former world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki (623rd, Denmark), who is causing a ‘mom sensation.’

Wozniacki, who retired after the Australian Open in January 2020, returned to the court last month after giving birth to her first daughter in 2021 and her son in October last year.

On this day, Wozniacki achieved a 2-1 (4-6 6-3 6-1) comeback win over Jennifer Brady, last year’s Australian Open runner-up.

Wozniacki, 33, is five years older than Brady and 14 years older than 19-year-old Goff.

“When Wozniacki retired, I never thought I’d be in this position,” Goff said.

“I grew up watching Wozniacki play.

I’m really excited to fight a legend.”

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