Daejeon Hana Kim, an aspiring Taegeuk warrior “Don’t settle, work hard until the end!”

Kim In-gyun solidified his commitment to the taegeuk mark.

Daejeon Hana Citizens defeated Ulsan HD 2-0 in the fifth round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium at 7:30 p.m. Daejeon (P5, W1, D2, L2, 5 goals scored, 7 goals conceded, -2) moved up the standings from 12th to seventh with its first win of the season.

The first half was a crouch. Ulsan came out aggressively and set the tone, creating several chances. Daejeon focused on defense, but Lee Chang-geun made a super save to keep them in the game. The second half saw a counterattack that paid off. Leandro scored the first goal and Kim In-gyun added another. In the remaining time, 홀덤사이트 Daejeon calmly consolidated their lead and held off Ulsan to record their first win.

He met Kim In-gyun in the mix zone after the game. After Leandro scored the opening goal, he scored the game-winning goal, fulfilling his mission of finding the back of the net.

“We did well in the first half and were lucky to score on a mistake in the second half,” said Kim In-gyun. I thought Ulsan would come out strong no matter what. I tried to dig into the space behind them. My goal was a good pass from (Lee) Hyun-sik and I was able to finish it off,” said the winner.

“We hadn’t won in four matches. We weren’t playing well. It was important to win today, and I think we can start over,” he said.

The Daejeon players prepared for the Ulsan match with extra confidence. Kim In-gyun said, “We came back from Incheon and reorganized in training. The players were all confident against Ulsan. We had a good feeling and it was a home game, so I think those things worked well together,” he laughed.

Kim In-gyun will follow Lee Chang-geun in his quest for the Taegeuk mark. “I think everyone is thinking the same thing. I’ve never been able to wear the flag properly. I’m not too old anymore. I have a lot of desire to play for the national team. I’m confident that I can make the national team if I don’t get complacent and keep working hard. I’ll have to work hard. (Lee) Chang-geun asked his brother for a while, and he said it’s definitely good and different.”

The first step is to become a solid starter in Daejeon. Kim In-gyun said, “Every player has a desire to start. When you are given a task, you have to fulfill it. Today, I think the coach’s assignment went well.”

On the chemistry between Leandro, Gutek, Hossa and Mlappa, he added: “Leandro has been with us for three years now. Gutek came last year, but we didn’t play together much due to injuries. Personally, I play well with Hossa in training. But there’s no one I don’t play well with. Mlapa is one of them and I think I’ll have to match him well.”

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