‘Suwon Samsung Effect’ Excites K-League Part 2… ‘Bang Bang’ to the Sold Out Line

Professional soccer’s K League 2 has been buzzing with the “Suwon Samsung Effect” this season. With Suwon setting attendance records and selling out stadiums everywhere they go, the K League 2 has been revitalized for the first time in a long time.

According to the Korea Professional Football Association on Wednesday, of the top 10 single-game attendance records in K-League 2 as of today, Suwon’s four games through last month were all in the top six. K League 2 has played a total of 24 games up to this point.

The game that drew the largest crowd was Suwon’s first K League 2 match at home. 14,196 people attended the match, setting a new K League 2 record for paid attendance. 카지노사이트 The second match at Suwon’s home late last month also drew 11,707 fans.

The key to Suwon’s attendance is its fans, who continue to show their support at home and away games despite the team’s relegation. In fact, Suwon fans are just as enthusiastic at away games as they are at home. Suwon’s second away match against Seoul Eland after their relegation from K League 2 drew a club-record 9,123 fans, with Suwon fans accounting for one-third (3,324) of the attendance. The away match against Ansan Greeners was also attended by the largest crowd in Ansan’s history (8,264), with 5,006 Suwon supporters accounting for nearly 60% of the attendance.

The away game against Chungbuk Cheongju, scheduled for July 7, has also been sold out early thanks to the enthusiasm of Suwon fans. The 300-seat chicken seats and table seats were sold out within a minute of opening, and the 2,200 away seats were also sold out early. This is the first time since its inception that Chungbuk Cheongju has opened all 2,200 away seats. A club official said, “Usually, only 300 people come to the away seats at most, so we only opened some of them.” “This time, we are preparing for a total of 17,000 seats, including away seats, to sell out,” he said.

As the match against Suwon will be the ‘biggest in the club’s history’ or a sellout record, some clubs in the K League 2 are even looking forward to playing Suwon. “The arrival of Suwon in the second division, which has relatively little fan interest compared to the first division, has sparked an unprecedented revitalization,” said a soccer insider. “It’s rare to have such a box office opportunity in the second division, so expectations for the game against Suwon are bound to increase.” “It is positive in many ways, not only in terms of gate receipts, but also because Suwon’s overwhelming support culture can stimulate the second division,” said another official.

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