Kim Tae-hyung “won in 3 years” → Lee Sung-yong “won in 2 years”

It looks like three new managers will have to win the title for the next three years.

Lotte Giants manager Kim Tae-hyung, SSG Landers manager Lee Sung-yong, and KIA Tigers manager Lee Beom-ho have each revealed their timeframes for winning a championship.

At the 2024 KBO Media Day held at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul, on Nov. 22, the three managers were asked how many years they expect to win a championship.

“As I said before, I will win a championship in three years,” said Kim Tae-hyung, the first manager to take the microphone. Kim, who led the Doosan Bears to seven consecutive Korean Series appearances and three championships between 2015 and 2021, was a broadcast commentator last year, but was given the Lotte jersey after a huge outpouring of support from Lotte fans.

At his inauguration, Kim promised to win a championship within three years. At the media day, Kim said, “The players have prepared well for the fall baseball goal. I will show Lotte fans more with my body than with words. I will keep my promise so that we can go to fall baseball,” he said, adding that this season’s goal is fall baseball.

SSG finished third last year, but after losing to NC Dinos in the semifinals, the team made the shocking decision to fire head coach Kim Won-hyung. After interviewing several candidates, the organization hired Lee as their new head coach. The organization chose Lee because of his experience as a coach, general manager, and head of development at KT Wiz, where he was responsible for both development and performance.

“All the media and experts predicted us below the top five. The beauty of sports is that expectations are always wrong. We will show what we are capable of,” said a confident Lee, who added: “I have a two-year contract. We will win the championship in two years.”

Kia was forced to change its manager when Kim Jong-guk was suddenly 카지노 investigated for bribery just before the start of spring training. During spring training, the team considered several candidates for a new manager, eventually choosing Lee Bum-ho, a former hitting coach. Lee is the youngest of the 10 managers, but he boldly said, “I’m going to win (the title) this season.”

For all three coaches to win the title within their stated time frame, KIA would have to win this year, SSG would have to win next season, and Lotte would have to win in 2026.

Kia last won the title in 2017, while SSG won the title in 2022. Lotte hasn’t won the title since 1992.

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