Korea Times Forum to highlight value of diversity, equity, inclusion

From left, Patriots and Veterans Affairs Minister Kang Jung-ai; Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Song Mi-ryung; and SMEs and Startups Minister Oh Young-ju / Courtesy of the ministries

The Korea Times will host a forum next week to explore the increasing importance of diversity, inclusivity and equality in Korean society. The forum will be held at Seoul’s Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry building from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Wednesday.

Under the title “Toward diversity, inclusiveness and equality,” the forum aims to delve into policies and support measures necessary to enhance these values in the country’s public and private sectors.

By inviting top policymakers of the country as speakers, along with leaders from various sectors of the vibrant economy joining the discussion as panelists and moderators, the forum plans to share valuable insights on achieving balanced representation and diversity.

Gender balance is crucial in the public sphere to foster an inclusive social atmosphere that respects diverse perspectives, thereby maximizing human potential and creativity. In the private sector, women’s skills and economic participation are all the more essential for achieving better management outcomes. These discussions are especially significant in Korea, where the gender wage gap remains one of the highest among OECD countries.

Three incumbent women ministers — Patriots and Veterans Affairs Minister Kang Jung-ai, Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Song Mi-ryung and SMEs and Startups Minister Oh Young-ju — will deliver congratulatory speeches at the forum. They will outline the government’s policy goals for promoting social inclusiveness and balanced gender representation.

After the ministers’ speeches, Reform Party lawmaker Lee Jun-seok, a Harvard graduate recognized for his endeavors in 카지노사이트킹 reshaping Korea’s political landscape, and award-winning violinist Han Soo-jin will share their visions and ideas on the forum’s key themes through keynote presentations.

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