NCT, Starbucks’ collaborative products fly off shelves

The collaborative products of K-pop boy group NCT and the international coffee chain Starbucks / Courtesy of SM Entertainment

The K-pop boy group NCT’s collaborative products with Starbucks Korea, released Thursday, are flying off the shelves.

For the collaboration, which will run until July 4, NCT — short for “Neo Culture Technolgy” — and Starbucks showcased an array of co-branded products, including the Neo Cool Tasty Plum Fizzio, a pearl neo champagne-colored carbonated drink adorned with pink heart-shaped konjac toppings, and the “Neo Croissant Turntable,” a round French pastry packaged like a retro-infused vinyl album.

Pearl neo champagne is the color synonymous with NCT.

“By capturing NCT’s identity, these products will offer a different kind of entertainment to those who purchase them,” NCT’s record label, SM Entertainment, said in a statement Thursday.

The K-pop act and Starbucks also made bags, cups and keyrings utilizing NCT’s intellectual property, whose unique, eye-catching designs fascinate the band’s fans.

According to Starbucks, the NCT Concert Bag is already sold out online, and the 355-milliliter NCT Mug will be out of 카지노 stock soon. The company added that numerous people are flocking to its stores nationwide to snap up these items.

“We plan to delight customers who love Starbucks and NCT through our diverse collaborative products,” Kim Beom-su, chief marketing officer at Starbucks Korea, said. “As this is a collaboration with the global K-pop group NCT, we will try our best to enhance convenience and satisfaction for our customers.”

NCT is a multi-national group composed of different sub-units including NCT 127 and NCT DREAM. Its last addition, NCT WISH, made an official debut in February with the track, “Wish.

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