KT WIZ outfielder Choi Byeong-dae (28) has revealed that he was a junior when he was in high school.”In 2012, when I was in the second grade at Seongnam High School, there was a group slap led by the third-year seniors during a training camp in Taiwan, and I, who was the second-year captain, gave the first-year juniors a slap,” he revealed on his social media on the 17th, adding, “I hit them three times on the buttocks with a bat.” “I apologised to the juniors after the slap and did not assault them or use any abusive language afterwards,” he said, adding, “I sincerely reflect and regret that I uncritically accepted the bad customs that had been passed down in the athletic department.” “We apologised to the poster (of the assault) and tried to respond to their request for compensation, but we were unable to reach an agreement,” he said, adding that he would be in contact with the party through his agent in the future. The assault by Bae Jae-dae during his school days was revealed by the victim, Mr A, who recently went public with his story online .”He hit my body parts with a bat several times, swore at me, and made insulting remarks,” A claimed, adding that he also hit Myung-chi with his fist. He said that he informed the KT team of the incident earlier this year, and club officials mediated between the two sides, but were unable to reach an agreement, leading to a public debate. However, on the 17th, an official from the placement team said, “At that time, the placement team hit the juniors, but he was also a victim of being hit by the seniors in the third grade.” “There is no other assault except that he was hit three times on the buttocks with a bat. He admitted to the three slaps and made a sincere apology to the juniors.” “Earlier this year, he contacted the club and demanded compensation,” the official said, adding, “He was unable to reach an agreement because he demanded a large amount of money, ranging from tens of millions of won to half of this year’s salary (170 million won), which was difficult to accept. “The official said, “He did not commit the ruthless assault that was posted on the internet,” adding, “Many of his former teammates at Seongnam High School baseball team recently wrote to us that he did not commit any other assault except for being a jerk .”Choi is KT’s starting outfielder, having played in every game for three consecutive years from 2020 to last year. This season, he is batting .285 with one home run 바카라사이트 and 24 RBIs in 55 games.

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