Players Get Nervous During an National Basketball Game

‘Why did you throw a 3-pointer when the difference was between victory and defeat?’… Players get nervous during an NBA game

During a National Basketball Association (NBA) game, a 3-pointer thrown in a situation where the winner or loser was virtually determined caused a war of nerves between players on both teams.

Minnesota won 101-86 in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Brooklyn Nets held at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on the 25th (Korean time).

However, when Minnesota’s guard Mike Conley threw a 3-pointer with about 20 seconds left in the game,

where Minnesota was ahead 98-86, Brooklyn’s Dennis Schroeder ran up to him and pushed Conley hard in the chest. 카지노사이트위키


In fact, it was a sign of protest that there was no reason to throw a 3-pointer when the win or loss had been decided and the Brooklyn players were not defending properly.

In addition, this 3-point shot cleared the net, causing cheers from Minnesota’s home fans,

making it an even more infuriating moment for the Brooklyn players.

Then, Minnesota forward Jaden McDaniels, who was next to him, pushed Schroeder to protect his teammate Conley, and under the goal,

an argument broke out between Minnesota’s Nickel Alexander Walker and Brooklyn’s Dorian Finney Smith.

Although a fight did not break out during the game,

there was an atmosphere of imminent fire for a moment as players from both teams engaged in a war of nerves.


In the end, after a video review by the referees,

technical fouls were imposed on Minnesota’s McDaniels and Alexander Walker, and Brooklyn’s Schroeder and Finney Smith.

Conley, who shot the 3-point shot that started the war of nerves,

is a veteran born in 1987 and is famous for his good manners in the league.

He began his career with the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2007-2008 season and has never received a single technical foul.

In 2014, he was cited for a technical foul once, but it was rescinded by the NBA the next day.

He also won the NBA Sportsmanship Award in the 2022-2023 season,

becoming the first player in league history to receive this award four times.

If Conley had responded to Schroeder’s provocation that day,

he could have been pointed out for his first personal technical foul,

but Conley scored 14 points with 4 3-pointers that day and took the team victory before leisurely heading to the locker room.

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