Taekwondo Promotion Foundation Seeks Organizations to Participate in Hope Sharing Classes

노인대상 태권도 교육

The Taekwondo Promotion Foundation is recruiting organizations to participate in the ‘2024 Taekwondo Hope Sharing Classroom’ for the vulnerable. “From May to September, the foundation will hold a public service project that provides opportunities for the elderly, members of multicultural families, and people with disabilities to participate in taekwondo training,” the foundation said on May 21, adding, “We plan to send taekwondo instructors to eight institutions and organizations nationwide.”

The foundation will provide support for instructor fees, training experience fees, uniforms, training equipment, and souvenirs. Applications will be accepted from the 21st to the 6th of next month, and details can be found on the 메이저 Taekwondo Promotion Foundation and Taekwondowon website.

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