Its Collapsed Again Due to a Shattered Cruciate Ligament

 Pablo Garvey, one of the ‘icons of abuse’, eventually suffered a breakdown.

 After making a forced march from his team to the national team A match, he ended up being sidelined for up to eight months due to a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament.

Spain’s AS said on the 20th (Korean time), “Gabi’s anterior cruciate ligament was ruptured as a result of the first medical test. 바카라사이트닷컴

He will not be able to compete for at least 6 to 8 months,” and “He will not be able to participate in the European Championships or the 2024 Paris Olympics.

It will be a big blow to Barcelona,” he said, adding that Gabi suffered a serious long-term injury

Gabi was an icon representing European soccer. 

After making his debut in the Barcelona first team in the 2021/22 season

he has been a regular starter since last season and has appeared in numerous games.

 He continued to play an important role in the Spanish national team as well.

Gabi, who appeared in 34 league games and played 2326 minutes in his first season

also played 2543 minutes in 36 league games last season. 

This season, he appeared in 12 games and played 943 minutes. 

For the Spanish national team, he started as a starter in all six matches played in this year’s European Championship (Euro 2024) qualifiers.

He has played 21 games this season alone, playing more than 1600 minutes.

He has a lot of games, but he is very active. He moves back and forth between the back and the front

recording an average of nearly 13km per game. He ranks first in La Liga this season, running 12.367 km per game

and ran a whopping 13.12 km in the UEFA Champions League match against Porto last month. 

This is a huge figure considering that Park Ji-sung, who was called ‘two hearts’, ran about 11km.

Gabi, who worked hard without rest, ended up getting sick.

He started in the final match of the Euro 2024 qualifiers against Georgia held on the 20th

but was substituted in the 26th minute of the first half.

According to AS, the Spanish national team doctor Oscar Luis Celada said

I am very worried about Gabi’s physical condition,” and announced that it was a serious injury. 

OK Diario captured and shared a photo of Gabi leaving on crutches after the game through social media.

Injuries to players are increasing due to the recent increase in the number of games played

and criticism of Spanish coach Luis de la Fuente continues as Gabi suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. 

There is criticism that Gabi was unreasonably selected as a starter when qualification for the Euro 2024 finals was already confirmed.

Earlier, De La Fuente pushed for Gabi’s participation, saying, “Gabi is a very active player.

He doesn’t want to rest. He has energy, which is why he plays so well even after playing so much.

Good players don’t rest.

After Gabi was injured, he defended himself by saying, “It’s an injury that can happen at any time.

It was a coincidental and unfortunate accident.

Gabi was in suitable physical condition to compete like other players.”

In response, Sport reporter Josep Capdevila criticized, “They don’t seem to understand that a 19-year-old player should be able to rest in unimportant games.

Managers like De La Fuente are ruining football because of their greed,” and Mundo Deportivo said: Barcelona was very angry at the news of Gabi’s injury,” he saidadding that they were angry at the federation’s decision to force Gabi to play.

In addition to Gabi, many players are suffering from injuries this season alone. 

Urien Timber, who joined Arsenal, is also out due to a cruciate ligament injury, and Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is unlikely to return within the year due to a hamstring injury. 

Real Madrid striker Vinicius Junior also suffered a muscle injury that is expected to take more than two months for him to return after his recent match with the Brazilian national team.

Korean soccer is no one else’s business. 

Kim Min-jae, who is playing without a break for Bayern Munich, is also running non-stop, even in national team international matches. 

It hasn’t been a problem yet, but you never know when you might get seriously injured.

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