Pitcher Excluded from Protected List in 2nd Round Draft

It is shocking news that the Samsung Lions’ veteran pitcher was excluded from the second draft protection list.

A big change is also beginning in Samsung’s pitching staff. 

According to MK Sports’ coverage, it was confirmed that a veteran pitcher in his 30s with immediate potential was excluded from the 35-man protection list prepared by Samsung ahead of the KBO’s second draft. 지울프-토토

Additionally, Samsung appears to be embarking on a full-fledged generational change and team reform

such as excluding a slugging outfielder who hit 20 home runs in one season from the protected list.

First, the veteran pitcher who was excluded from the list is a resource who has gone through many hardships on the professional stage. 

He experienced various positions and was used as a key force in the 2023 season. 

However, his performance this year was poor and he was unable to play many innings

so his utilization seemed to be lower than in his prime.

In particular, this season, Samsung Mound’s ERA was the lowest in the team (4.60), and the team’s relief ERA (5.16) was very poor, being the only team’s 5-point team.

However, it appears that the team has begun to clearly improve its constitution

starting with the veteran pitcher’s exclusion from the protected list.

However, officials say that if a team values ​​this player’s diverse experience and uniqueness

he could be nominated within the first to third rounds.

 An official familiar with the transfer market situation said

“The career of the player Samsung excluded from the list has not been that outstanding in recent years

but if he is healthy, he is a player who will play his part in the first team.

He added, “If a team is looking to strengthen their mound power, they are of sufficient interest.

It’s worth having,” he said.

In addition, Samsung is known to have excluded sluggers who have hit more than 20 home runs in a season several times from the protected list. 

The fielder went through multiple teams and received attention as the team’s next-generation slugger

but his career had many ups and downs. 

The results of very good seasons and poor seasons were also significant. 

As a result, he was excluded from the protected list, continuing the disappointment of recent years.

Previously, the KBO reintroduced the second draft in 2023 to level the league upward and ensure more opportunities for players. 

The second draft, which will be held again after the end of the 2023 season and will be held on the 23rd, will be conducted in rounds 1 to 3.

The number of designated protected players was reduced from 40 to 35 to facilitate player movement. 

If you are in your 1st to 3rd year of joining the team

are a free agent in that year, and are included in the 35 protected players

but are transferred as a compensation player with a free agent contract before the 2nd draft, you are automatically excluded from the nomination. 

This is a method in which the next round nomination is possible even after the upper round pass is declared.

Additionally, nominations are made in each round in reverse order of performance from the previous season.

After each club is nominated in the 1st to 3rd rounds, the 3 bottom ranked clubs are given the right to nominate 2 additional names

allowing them to nominate up to 5 people. 

Meanwhile, to prevent player nominations from being concentrated towards a specific club, a team can nominate up to four players. 

The transfer amount is 400 million won for the 1st round

300 million won for the 2nd round, and 200 million won for the 3rd round, and 100 million won for the 4th round and below, which can be nominated by the bottom 3 teams.

The second draft, which was held every other year from 2011 to 2019, was abolished in 2021. 

After 2 years of resumption, the protected list increased from 40 to 35 players (1st to 3rd year of joining, free agents of the same year

included in the 35 protected players, but if transferred as a compensation player with a free agent contract before the 2nd draft

the designation is automatically excluded) It was reduced to , and the next round nomination was possible even after the upper round pass was declared.

The purpose of the newly established mandatory registration regulations is to guarantee as many opportunities as possible for players who moved to the second draft by registering as an active player (first team entry) for a certain period of time in the next or following year.

However, the evaluation after the list was released is that if the number of registration days is met

it is now worth targeting a lot more players than before. 

The calculations of the 10 clubs that received revised rosters due to some free agent contracts on the 20th are becoming busy.

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